High-Tech Liqueurs

After years of study in the sector, establishing liqueurs, Flavor Chimica has managed to create and bring to the market a new type of liqueur named “high-tech”, that is using the latest technology. We are talking about products with the basis of alcohol cream, to which we can add other ingredients such as chocolate, egg (to make “Bombardino”), or fruits of the forest like strawberry, raspberry, pistachio, hazelnut, and so on. Production of these liqueurs differs according to the client and specific wishes.
Cream liqueurs

Thanks to a detailed study of the features which derive from milk, Flavor Chimica today boasts among its production a complete range of alcohol creams with, in fact, fresh cream as base coming exclusively from Italian milk. These are sweet liqueurs with a limited alcohol content with balanced quantity insertion of milk cream, which gives the drink a kind of body aligned to a very pleasant tasty sensation. Milk cream has always been a tasty ingredient of extraordinary quality for any food or drink which now, inserted in liqueur, adds a unique, exceptionally enjoyable feature.

Zero Gravity

The latest creation introduced by Flavor Chimica based on innovative and creative spirit has been the work on Zero Gravity technology. We are talking about technology which allows granules of pistachio, strawberry, raspberry, hazelnuts, coffee grains, cocoa and even an elite product like gold to float in the liqueur. The final effect is totally stunning.

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