In the liqueurs and flavours sector, legislation is complicated and it differs from country to country, both within the Community as well as outside. Flavor Chimica guarantees its clients a complete consultancy as regards the law, with reference to current norms in each State.
Special care and attention is needed for rules and regulations for marketing defined by the U.S.A. To import an alcoholic product there, the U.S. Government requires detailed description of many features for the finished product: formulation, procedure in making the item, constituent elements of the flavour, weight and volume for alcohol and sugars, a sample in perfect condition, etc..
Flavor Chimica takes upon itself to directly contact the U.S. Government laboratory, following all documentation and administration in order to obtain the issue of the required licences. Some of these which Flavor Chimica already deals with are:

  • BATF - Department of the Treasury (Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms)
  • FDA - Food and Drive Administration
  • TTB - Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

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